Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rite Aid Deals Week of 3/7/10

This is a great week for diapers at Rite Aid!  The best weekly SCR is for Procter and Gamble Products.  When you by 30.00 worth of products, you will receive a 10.00 Rite Aid gift card.  There are many options to put scenarios together, so I will put a few up, along with other deals that caught my eye.  I am very disappointed we didn’t get the John Frieda or Biore coupons as I was expecting, but often the coupons in the inserts are regionally based.  Oh well, maybe next time. 

When doing these deals, don’t forget to use a $/$ coupon.  There are several available, including 5/20.00 via Rite Aid Video Values, 3/15.00 and 5/25.00.  The latter two require printing only, and no significant amounts of time.  Depending on your schedule, choose the one that works for you, and keep your total close to that amount (15, 20, or 25.00).  Do multiple transactions if you need to, and remember, the P&G items do not need to be purchased in one transaction.  Just sometime this week.

Covergirl Cosmetics BOGO
Use BOGO CG face product coupon
Final Cost:  Two FREE products
**For deals such as these, the store is providing one FREE item with the sale, and the coupon is providing the other FREE item when the store redeems the coupon.

Renu Travel Size Solution 0.99
1.00 coupon (no size requirements)
Final Cost:  FREE

Crest Toothpaste 2.74
SCR 1.00
0.75 or 1.00 Coupon
Final Cost:  0.74 or 0.99

Vicks DayQuil or NyQuil 4.99
SCR 2.00
1.50 Coupon
Final Cost:  1.49

Pampers Baby Wipes 60-77 ct 2.49
0.50 Coupon
Final Cost:  1.99 per box

Metamucil 9.99
SCR 5.00
3.00 Coupon
Final Cost:  1.99

Pampers Jumbo Pack 9.99
1.50 or 2.00 Pampers Coupon
Final Cost:  7.99 or 8.49 per pack

Align Probiotic 28.99
SCR 10.00
5.00 Coupon
Final Cost:  13.99

There are quite a few other SCR deals featuring P & G products, but the prices are not rock bottom.  Decent, yes, but I have seen much better in the past.

Baby Scenario using 5/25

3 Pampers Jumbo Packs 29.97
Pampers Wipes 2.49
Subtotal:  32.46

Use 5/25 Printable
3 2.00 (or 1.50) Pampers
0.50 Pampers Wipes
OOP:  20.96

SCR:  10.00 Rite Aid Gift Card
Final Cost:  10.96 for 3 Jumbo Packs and 1 box of wipes!!

Have some gut issues?  Try this one!

Align Probiotic 28.99
Metamucil 9.99
Subtotal: 38.98

Use 5/25
5.00 Align
3.00 Metamucil
OOP:  25.98

10.00 Align
5.00 Metamucil
10.00 P&G
Final Cost:  0.98 for BOTH!

Here’s one using the 5/20 with two transactions.

#1 Align 28.99
Use 5/25 or 5/20
5.00 Align
OOP:  18.99

SCR:  10.00

#2 Crest 2.74
Vicks NyQuil 4.99
Metamucil 9.99
Pampers Wipes 2.49
Subtotal:  20.21

Use:  5/20
1.00 Crest
1.50 NyQuil
3.00 Metamucil
0.50 Wipes
OOP:  9.21

SCR:  1.00 Crest
2.00 NyQuil
5.00 Metamucil
10.00 P&G

Final cost for both transactions:  0.20  WOW!
Be sure to check out other drugstores and grocery stores for more P&G savings!  There are big promos going on all over this week!

Friday, March 5, 2010

10/10 Sale at Chief

There are a few good deals at Chief this week that are worth mentioning.  They have some great produce sales too, which are usually pretty rare.  General Mills cereal are on sale at stock up prices too!  In Sunday’s paper, there will be a 1.00 off of 2 GM cereal boxes, so put on your patience cap for an even sweeter deal!  Remember, Chief will double coupons up to 0.50.

10/10 Items

Gatorade Sports Drink
0.50 Coupon
Final Cost:  FREE

Dole Classic Iceberg Salad Mix
Washington Anjou Pears
Hunt’s Snack Pack
Yoder’s Chip Dip
Pork Shoulder Bone In Roast
Arp’s or Dean’s Milk  1/2 Gallon

Rice or Pasta Roni
1.00/3 coupon
Final Cost:  0.66 each

Pillsbury Cake Mix Selected Varieties
Totino’s Party Pizza and Pizza Rolls

General Mills Cereal 4/10.00
Use 4.00 in ad coupon
1.00/3 or 1.00/2 (coming Sunday 3.7.10), 0.75/1 Chex
Final Cost:  0.75-1.25 per box, depending on coupon and cereal.  Note, the in ad coupon states “Consumer, no other coupon may be used with this coupon.”  Your cashier may or may not enforce this stipulation.  The in ad coupon is a Chief coupon, which is usually stackable with a manufacturer coupon.

Sargento Cheese Selected Varieties 3/5.00
0.55/2 coupon
Final Cost:  1.32 Each

Quaker True Delights Granola Bars 2/4.00
0.75 coupon
Final Cost:  1.25 Each

Quaker Oatmeal 42 oz 2/5.00
Use 0.50 Quaker Oatmeal coupon
Final Cost:  1.50 each

Post Cereals Selected Varieties 2/5.00
Use 1.00/2 coupon
Final Cost: 2.00 each (Some of these are HUGE boxes!)


Roma Tomatoes 10lbs for 10.00
Yellow Sweet Onions 10 lbs for 10.00
Mangos 0.79 each
Red and Green Leaf, Romaine Lettuce 1.00/lb

Weekend Only Produce Sale (Sat 8 am – Sun Midnight)

Whole Pineapple 1.99 each
Asparagus 1.99/lb
Red Peppers 0.99 each

Weekend Sale

Super Chill Spring Water 24/0.5 liter 2.99
Sirloin Steak 2.99/lb
Shopper’s Value Sugar 4 lb 1.99
Medium Eggs 0.99

Free Sunchips on Facebook

Become a fan of Sunchips today on Facebook and receive a free bag! 

Quantities are limited to the first 100,000 participants.  The coupon for one free 10.5 oz bag will be mailed in 4-6 weeks.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rite Aid Deals Week of 2/28/10

Rite Aid is on it this week with tons of great finds!  There are many items on sale for 0.99 and tons of SCR items that end up costing 0.99 or less.  Even a few money makers!  I’m going tomorrow, on 2.28.10, as many of the coupons I want to use will expire tomorrow.  I’m normally a Saturday shopper, which usually doesn’t work to my advantage.

If you aren’t into taking the time to watch the Rite Aid Video Values ads, there are two new coupons available.  A 3.00/15.00 purchase coupon is available here, and it expires on 3.31.10.  A 5.00/25.00 purchase is available here.  When using these coupons, keep your purchase total as close to 15.00 or 25.00 as possible, depending on the coupon you choose to use.  Do a couple transactions if necessary!

Also, tomorrow begins a new rebate period, and I am very excited about the rebates that March has to offer.  If you are owed a rebate check for February, go ahead and request it now, if you have entered in all of your receipt information for the month.  On to the deals…

Gillette Series or Satin Care Shave Gel 7 oz 1.99
1.00 SCR
1.00 Gillette  Fusion Pre/Post Shave Product
Free Gillette Body Wash WYB one Fusion Shave Product
Final Cost:  FREE Shave Gel and Body Wash!  There is also a 0.55 Satin Care coupon available.  Final cost for Satin Care is 0.44.

Always, Carefree, Carefree Ultra, Kotex Light Days Pantiliners 0.99
2.00 off Carefree Ultra Rite Aid Video Values coupon (no longer available)
Final cost:  2 for free plus 2 cent overage!

Listerine Pocket Paks 72 ct 3.99
3.00 SCR
1.00 Listerine Pocket Paks coupon
Final Cost:  FREE

Efferdent Denture Cleanser Tablets  108-120 ct 5.99
5.00 SCR
0.55 Coupon
Final Cost:  0.44 (Hmmm, not sure what to do with these…might skip the deal)

Nivea Lip Care 0.99
B1G1 Nivea Lip Care
Final Cost:  0.49 each (good filler item)

Blistex Lip Balm 0.99
0.35 Coupon
Final Cost:  0.64

Suave Shampoo, Conditioner, or Stylers 1.99
1.00 SCR
1.00 off of 2 Suave Professionals
Final Cost:  0.99 each
This deal could be done without a coupon too.  Just purchase one for 0.99 after SCR.  Coupon expires 2.28.10.

Adult Acnomel 1 oz 6.99
SCR 6.00
Final Cost:  0.99

Anti Monkey Butt Powder 6 oz 3.99
SCR 3.00
Final Cost:  0.99

Proantinox Liquid Urinary Tract Cleansing Complex 6.99
SCR 6.00
Final Cost:  0.99

Always Maxi Pads or Tampax Tampons 20 ct 2.99
SCR 1.00
Coupons 1.00 Tampax, 0.75 Always Ultra Thin (from Sav a lot booklet)
Final Cost:  0.99 to 1.99

Ban or Sure Deodorant B1G1 (price unknown)
1.50 Sure for Men or 1.00 Sure deodorant
Final Cost:  ???

The scenarios are really limitless this week.  Be sure to take advantage of the $$ off coupons to take care of the small OOP costs.  Here’s a couple of examples.  If anyone wants me to figure out something more specific, just email me!

Using a 3/15 without manufacturers coupons
Anti Monkey Butt 3.99                                                 
Adult Acnomel 6.99
Suave Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styler 1.99
Always or Tampax 2.99
Total:  15.96

Use 3/15.00 printable

Total OOP:  12.96 plus tax

Receive 11.00 SCR!

Here’s one using the Video Values 5/20.00

Listerine Pocket Paks 3.99
Gillette Shave Gel 1.99
Gillette Body Wash 4.99 (? price)
2 Suave Professionals 3.98
4 Carefree Ultra Pantiliners 3.96
2 Blistex Lip Balm 1.98
Total 20.89

5/20.00 purchase
0.50 Listerine Pocket Paks
1.00 Gillette Shave Gel
4.99 Gillette Body Wash (free with shave prep purchase)
1.00/2 Suave Professionals
2 2.00 Carefree Ultra Pantiliners
2 0.35 Blistex

Total OOP:  5.70 plus tax

3.00 Listerine
1.00 Gillette
1.00 Suave
Total:  0.70 plus tax!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well, tonight I learned something new.  Just when I thought that I had this couponing thing down, I was reminded that, well, I don’t.  I went to the convenience store tonight to get my papers with a dear friend who has a great blog at

I always pick up two copies of the Toledo Blade at 2.00 apiece, and ALWAYS recoup my money from that purchase.  Tonight there were only two copies of the Toledo Blade, and Megan graciously allowed me to purchase both copies.  She turned to grab an alternate paper, and picked up the Saturday edition of the Bryan Times.  Well guess what?  The Saturday edition of the Bryan Times has the EXACT same coupons as the Sunday Toledo Blade!  And the cost?  50 cents. 

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what comes next.  I don’t even read the paper.  Thanks Meg, and I hope you enjoy your Bryan Times.  :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rite Aid Deals Week of 2/14/10

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Rite Aid has some good deals this week that aren’t so overwhelming! I recently had a suggestion to tell readers how to shop at Rite Aid in a simpler fashion, so I am going to try my best. The Olay deal involves a mail in rebate…although I don’t usually participate in these, I may here because I have plenty of “Rite Aid money”, and there are some great coupons out for Olay products, resulting in a profitable trip!

The ad shows Olay Skin and Bath Care Products at a price of 3 for 18.00. There is a manufacturer’s Mail in Rebate form here, and the final cost is 3 products for 3.00. There are also Olay coupons, and if you have access to a few of them, the products will be at least free, and possibly a 7.00 profit. I have an Olay Regenerist coupon for 3.00 off in the P & G ad from 1.17.10. There are also two other 1.00 coupons in that insert as well. Utilize three coupons for at least an even break!

Another simple sale is the GE Extra Soft White Light Bulbs in a 4 pack. On sale for 2/4.00, there is a 3.00/2 in ad coupon, making the final price 2 for 1.00.

Motrin PM 20 count is on sale for 2.99. There is a 1.00 Motrin coupon available to make this item free.

If you choose to put them together, here is a scenario suggestion.

3 Olay Regenerist Cleansers 18.00
Motrin PM 2.99
Total Due: 20.99

5/20 from Rite Aid Video Values (worth your time to watch the ads!)
3 3.00 Regenerist Coupons (or 3 1.00 coupons if that is what is available to you)
1.00 Motrin
Total OOP: 5.99

SCR 2.00 for Motrin
15.00 MIR for Olay products

Final cost: 11.00 profit!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Personal Fav Sale

Lately I haven't posted much about sales at Chief, but starting today through next Wednesday, the Super Double sale is here!  Here are the rules for the week!

Super Double Coupons Policy
Manufacturer’s coupons up to $1.00 will be DOUBLED.  Coupons over $1.00 but less than $2.00 will be at $2.00.  Coupons over $2.00 will be face value only.

• Limit one manufacturer’s coupon for any particular item.

• Items must be purchased in the same brand and size specified on the coupon.
• No substitutions please.
• Amount refunded cannot exceed the retail price of the item.
• Tobacco product coupons will be redeemed at face value.
 • This offer does not apply to free coupons or Chief and Rays coupons and other retail store coupons.
• No rain checks.
• Catalina coupons will be redeemed at face value, and will not be doubled.
• Coupons that state DO NOT DOUBLE will not be doubled.
I can usually find great items at a great price, and if I have time, I love walking throught the store looking for additional sale items.  This is one of my favorite times to stock up on yogurt too!  Here are a few items that have coupon match ups.  I will update if I find more...feel free to help by commenting!

Kraft Cheese 2/4.00 with in ad coupon
According to the manager that I spoke with tonight, the in ad coupon can be used in addition to a manufacturer's coupon.  He also said the in ad coupon will double as well, but I don't really believe that.  Earlier there was a 1.00/2 Kraft Cheese printable that will double.
Final Cost:  0.50 per bag or 8 oz chunk if you have the 1.00/2 printable, possibly free?

Ortega Taco Seasoning Mix 4/3.00
Use 0.75 off of 2 Ortega products
Final Cost:  2 for FREE

Frank's Red Hot or Buffalo Wing Sauce 1.99
1.00 off Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce
Final Cost:  FREE

Avocados 0.50 each -- this is a great price for all of you baby food making mamas!

Peter Pan 16.3 oz 1.79
1.00 Peter Pan (DO NOT DOUBLE)
Final Cost:  0.79

Kellogg's Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes 2/4.00
Use 1.00 off 2 boxes
Final Cost:  1.00 each

Super Pretzel Select Varieties 2/4.00
Use .50 off one
Final Cost:  1.00 per box

Orville Redenbacher 3 ct Microwave Popcorn
Use 1.00 off 2 pkg
Final Cost:  1.19 each

Edy's Ice Cream 48 oz 3/10.00
Use 1.00 Edy's
Final Cost:  1.33 each

Jello Refrigerated Pudding or Gelatin 2.77
Use .60 Jello
Final Cost: 1.57

Johnsonville Fresh Bratwurst 2.99
Use .55 off any package or variety
Final Cost:  1.89

Land o Frost Lunchmeat 10-16 oz 3.49
Use .55 off of 16 oz package
Final Cost:  2.39 for 16 oz

John Morrell off the Bone Lunchmeat 2/5.00
Use Buy 3 Get One Free
Final Cost:  4/7.50 or 3.75/lb (not a big fan of this price)

Let me know if there are more matchups and I will be happy to post them!